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Wire Drawing Die Blanks

The wire drawing die blanks produced by our Laboratory are a pure polycrystalline diamond with high hardness and good abrasion resistance, containing no any additive materials and combine the advantages of poly-and mono-crystallite . They can be widely used in wire drawing of stainless steel, tungsten, molybdenum, copper, aluminum and many others alloy.The wire drawing die blanks produced by our Laboratory are the natural substitute for natural and poly-crystallite .

Normal size
Product Number Diameter of Inner Circle(mm) Thickness(mm)
CVDD2010 2.0 1.0
CVDD2512 2.5 1.2
CVDD3015 3.0 1.5
CVDD4020 4.0 2.0

Note: The shapes mentioned above are hexangular. Special shapes and sizes are available on request. Parameters of properties
Vickers hardness 7000-10000kg/mm²
Density 3.51g/cm³
Young’s modulus 1000-1100GPa
Thermal conductivity >8W/cm.K
Chemical stability insoluble in alkali and acid

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