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A full range of PDC cutters designed for oil/gas drilling and mining bits, are manufactured under state-of-the-art sintering processes. It consists of a layer of polycrystalline diamond integrally sintered to a tungsten carbide substrate under high pressure and high temperature. PDC cutter combines the hardness and abrasion resistance of diamond with the impact resistance of tungsten carbide, and provides faster, more durable and more cost-effective drilling.


MT cutter has built a good reputation for mining application by offering best cost performance.


Product Number Product Dimension(Diameter × Height)(mm) Diamond Thickness
(t) (mm)
Product Properties Application
MT1304SN 13.30×4.50 0.7 Economic cutter with good impact resistance. It outperforms that of competitors in conglomerate drilling. Mainly for anchor shank drill bits, suitable for soft-medium and medium hard formations.
M1304VN 13.30×4.50 1.0 Good abrasion resistance, improved bit life and rate of penetration Mainly for enhanced anchor shank drill bits,core bits non-core bits etc, suitable for medium to hard and hard formations.
MT1304GN 13.30×4.50 1.5 Enhanced cutter, high abrasion and high impact resistance, increased rate of penetration Mainly used for core bits and non-core bits, suitable for tough formations
MT1304GY 13.30×4.50 1.5 Premium cutter with lapped diamond surface, significant improvements distinct to other cutters on today’s market. Suitable for tough & hard formations.
MT1305GN 13.30×5.0 1.5 Increased brazing zone and improved impact resistance, offering you best cost/performance. Mainly used for core bits and non-core bits, suitable for tough formations.
MT1308GI 13.44×8.00 1.5 Good abrasion and high mpact resistance, increased rate of penetration Mainly used for core bits and non-core bits etc.
MT1308VN 13.44×8.00 1.5 Enhanced cutter, improved abrasion and impact resistance, longer bit life and increased rate of penetration Mainly for core bits and non-core bits etc. Suitable for highly demanding application.

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