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Diamond Powder
Graphite powder
With good properties of High purity, High density, and High strength, this product series is the perfect material for sintering graphite mould of diamond tools.
Ti-coated diamond
Ti coated diamonds are developed for high performance tools.
Ni-coated diamond

Diamond micro powder
Diamond micron powder is designed for grinding, lapping, polishing and fine finishing applications.
Cracked diamond powder
Cracked diamond powder JR1 is a processed synthetic diamond abrasive with a consistent but irregular crystal shape.
MBD 800 Series diamond powder
MBD 800 series is a special diamond series developed for applications in metal, electroplated, resin and vitrified bond tools.
SMD 1000 Series diamond powder
The diamond crystalline form of these series is regular.

Diamond Blade

Polishing Pad
Diamond Flexible Polishing Pads
This series products which made from Diamond as abrasive, resin binders, after heating to suppress a variety of shapes .

CVD Product
CVD Diamond for cutting tools
CVD diamond cutting tools are widely used in non-ferrous materials, ceramics, abrasive composites, high silicon-filled aluminum, graphite and other difficult machining materials' mechanical process.
CVD Diamond for optical windows
The broad-band optical transparency, high thermal conductivity and hardness make diamond an ideal choice for highly demanding window applications such as high-power IR laser windows, high-power microwave windows and durable windows for aggressive environments.
CVD Diamond for thermal management
One of many remarkable properties of diamond is its unsurpassed thermal conductivity.
CVD Diamond for dressing tools
Conventional abrasive wheels wear quite rapidly and need to have their profiles and/or cutting edges renewed at intervals by truing and dressing using diamond dressers.
CVD Diamond wire drawing die blanks
The wire drawing die blanks produced by our Laboratory are a pure polycrystalline diamond with high hardness and good abrasion resistance.

PCD Products

Single Crystal

About us
About us
Simple Technology Inc. is specialized in man-made diamond production, with state-of-the-art HFCVD, MW Plasma CVD, and DC Arc Plasma Jet CVD systems, we are capable of providing you with polycrystalline diamond coating for carbide tools, single crystal diamond (SCD) wafer, and SCD plate.

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522 Dawn Cove Dr.
Henderson, NV 89052
Tel: (702)895-3442